Meridian Gaming Network| Greater Toronto Emergency Services



Hello my name is Jesse and I am the Deputy Director of Meridian Gaming Network. We are are police roleplay server just like a bunch of the rest. We had a fall awhile back but are slowly rising again. Our member count is currently very low but I am hoping to get at least 10 loyal active members who can do daily patrols. We currently have 2 YouTubers in our community and hope to get more. Our Law enforcement is based on the Canadian Province of Ontario. We have all 3 departments each with custom skins and vehicles. We try to be as serious as possible in roleplay, but we also like to have fun and f**k around outside of roleplay. Any ages can be a cop but if you wish to end up in a staff position then you will need to be over the age of 16. We are also looking for developers. I am always open to suggestions to make my community and server as good as possible. If you would be interested in become a part of Meridian Gaming Network then please join our Discord and check out our Website. Thank you, Jesse S - Deputy Director




We’re having a small patrol right now if some people want to come in and have some fun. All we ask is to please be realistic when role playing. Come in and have some fun with us for a little bit.

Also welcome to join the discord as well!!