Menyoo Map --> YMAP Converting (Codewalker)


hey guys,

im trying to convert a menyoo map for the first time… as i read on the forums the best choice is codewalker…
so im importing the xml with codewalker project and then just saving it as an ymap?
do i need to do anything else to get it working? when i try to import the XML, im getting the message, that 0 entities, car generators, peds or “other” are imported or ignored…
and when im trying to save it as an ymap im getting the following error:
“Couldnt rename ymap in project! This shouldnt happen - check the project file XML.”

i have several ymap maps that are working (even mapeditor xml) but i cannot get this one working… so i tried to convert it…

any idea what im doing wrong?


Have you tried just adding the map as an XML file?

Try using this [Release] Object Loader (loads map .xml files)
most of xml maps works for me, never got those convert programs to work.


yes i tried that before anything else, im using xml maps alot but menyoo maps often do not work (sometimes yes…but not every map) and this one sadly not =(


so… finally i just build my own map.
i was not able to convert it…


The best luck I had was with this tool:

And then following this: