Members to join the Dev server before release it


Yo whatsapp, i search for members to take a look into the new server i make work with scriptvhook like others servers until i will finish my real server without menus.

anyway i am searching for a members atleast 5 players.

before contact me if you never played a server with trainer menu then dont contact because i have never played on server like that, and thats why i need members to tell me what to do and more.

discord : osher#9399


Contact me on discord FilipMB#4507


searching for a backup developer show me your works before please. i dont deal with kids that say they know how to dev and then they dont even know


Add me on Discord ImTheRealFAXES#5900


there is more people who are srsly and want make the project up


I am pretty sure you’re are not allowed to pay for developers on FiveM?? saying “50% of Donation” You trying to say that 50% of the donations go to paying for the developer over the server costs? or they get 50% off donating to the server…


50% of donation go to the developer thats the deal if i am not allowed to do that then no one will come and make a real community of roleplay.
i tired of all these 12 years old kids that open rp servers every 3days.
so i decided to give money from donation to make a good community.

but anyway. if is not allowed then i cant do anything about that.


The solution to too many people opening roleplay communities is not to try to open another roleplay community. Might I recommend joining an existing one, not run by a 12 year old, rather than trying to start one without a developer?

As for the donation, the FiveM Terms of Service prohibits people from making a profit from FiveM, so that means you can’t pay a developer for working on a server.


okay got you. so i cant pay for a dev?


No you can not its against the ToS.


Pretty much.


you can msg me @ Jeff S#1851


Its against tos to make money off of fivem. Coding for fivem in my opinion is different and i’m no lawyer but im pretty sure coding for a open source project and making money is just freelance and would be acceptable by law. either way in fivem’s eyes no one can make money but them when for the longest time only people updating the repo was the community. it went something like 6 months with no linux update. which is the reason i used a stripped down custom client and server version of fivem.


up !!


up !!



Profit is not allowed.



yo i need dev to fix only the jobs system. thats all :slight_smile:
contact me if somone know how to fix it!


up, changed the topic title…

need members until i will finished other framework.