Me and my friend are looking for a solid community. Please read all post


So me and my bud been getting into FiveM alot lately and its fun. We enjoy the wild and crazy sort of…lawless servers but we want a solid RP community. We are looking for cops,military,jobs, custom cars etc. Mostly we are looking for a server where it shows where everybody is on the map and also a server that allows the criminals to be criminals…not moderated criminals. commonsense ofcourse used as a criminal. Thats the biggest thing with us, seams most cops TP to you right away to give you a visual warning, pull you over for nothing, dont let you do much unless they like it etc etc. basically saying no powertrip cops for no reason. i do bad then sure, powertrip me. we are longtime rpers in other communities and have made names for ourselves in them so we could be a bonus to your server ;). anyway any servers around like this? thanks!


Come check us out at Rogue Gaming. We may have what your looking for.


You could take a look over at IMPROV RP. I agree no cop should TP to you and warn you lol. We are a small community with about 30 members. Below is our info.

Website : Down for maintenance
Forums :
TeamSpeak :


Why you should join our community?

You should join our community because we support everything you stated and do as such. Our goal is to have a clean server. However, we also want for the server to be full of outstanding Roleplay.

Do we restrict certain rp?

Nope, not really. We only restrict RP this is either FAIL, offensive or foul.

Admins and their power.

We try to recruit the best staff to the server. Although, somebody might have a bad day and do something they regret. So that’s why I’m here, being owner I regulate the staff and server. If you have any complaints speak to me personally (I’m Reyz) and I will sort out any issue you have.

How to join

Join our discord and we’ll set you up!

Thank you for reading! We hope to have you on board!



California Highway Patrol is the place you are looking for.


Come check out novum rp. we are a cool group of guys. myself and the admins try our best to make it fun for everyone. if your looking for a good server at least give it a look


Los Santos AU Rp [EMS] [PD] [Mechanic] [Many more jobs] [Illegal/Legal Jobs] join the server have fun, we just started the server and looking for people to join. please invite friends and people to the server and make this community big!


Welcome to California State Law Enforcement Roleplay,

We are a Fivem Whitelisted community that has been up for months and pushing and striving very hard, everyday with our staff team and developers. At California State Law Enforcement Roleplay we offer opportunities for roleplays that are not usually considered by other communities allowing for Members to get a real life look at what Policing, Dispatching or FireFighting is in the real world.
We are actively recruiting people to all departments and would love to see you all in roleplay having fun. We accept anyone, any age range but must be mature and will be accessed upon a interview entering the community.Many players will benefit and will not regret coming to our community.

Some of the features that we have in our community are…

Menu-Based server
CAD/MDT System
Active/Friendly Staff Team
Advance Teamspeak Development
Custom Cars
Custom Uniforms
Players can join 2 departments

The departments that we are actively recruiting are…

Civilian Operations,
California Highway Patrol,
Los Angeles Police Department,
Los Angeles County Fire Department,
Dispatch System.

Here is all of our server information so you can get started on your roleplay experience here at,

TeamSpeak 3 -
FiveM Server IP -
Discord -
Website -


Im the owner of a community called United States Roleplay. if your still looking for a community come check are post out



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