Massive Timeouts after 50/64 players and uptime 2h30


Using canary? :mascot:
Windows version: Last
System specifications: Intel Xeon, 32Gb Ram, SSD, 500Mb


Operating system: Windows Server 2016 (And olso try on vps Linux)
Artifact version: From last week
IP address:
Resources: 79
System specifications: VRP 0.5 modified**


Summary: After around 45 or 50/64 player and 2:30 hr of uptime a lot of players start getting TO massive or Pingkick if is actived

Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
Steps to reproduce: Juste launch server ask your player to go on your server after 2h30 uptime and +/- 50 slots everyone have this issues
.dmp files/report IDs: Procodum
We have logs every Mysql request, debug vrp and server consol logs also

Any additional info: We try everything. Disabled every ressource not necessery, we change vrp mysql to async mysql like on ESX, we monitoring everything and we have the same issue. So if you have any good idea, we take it !

Thx a lot, if you need something else tell me.


Sorry for my bad english

Here the same problem, the server simply freeze and all poeple timeout without any other exception or crash or log

Save a procdump of the hung server.

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and cant log back
only if server restart

Did you check the hardware of my server ?

We have monitoring in realtime and the CPU and RAM is max to 10 or 12%

And we have try into VPS Linux less powerfull and same result is not a problem with hardware…

Thx anyway, if somebody have a good idea, i take it.
We search about this issue from 2 month ago.

we also have the problem each time we reach the 90 player / 128 about 20 players receive this error

OS : Windows server 2019
Spec : CPU intel xeon d-21411
Resources: 395
build: 1390
Uptime : 2 hours
users connect: 90
additional: Random crash

CitizenFX.log (980.6 KB)

Save and upload a full procdump while the server is hung (as in, right after it timed people out) so that it can be looked at. I’m not sure why you all seem to be dismissing the one core tenet: PROVIDE INFO.

Your issues can’t be resolved if you don’t provide any information. Nobody has been mentioning anything about hardware at all either.

Which clearly implies a hung server. Save and upload a full (-mp) procdump.

This is clearly not the same problem, we are on Onesync (64 slots) and it is after 2:30 +/- 50 player to connect. And is Massive Timeout like 20 player or more drop in the same time

Make your own topic if possible. Thank you

Thank you for your message, since I have many other log except this one, it will take a little time. I find it a shame, to ask for logs without even advanced a theory. (i just want to understood)

I do not see why you said that, let alone this way, I think I clearly said in my message that I would gladly give all of my logs.

if I understood your post you have a problem of player who loses the connection.

no once or two, a multiple server Timeout or kickping players (if actived). Everytime after 2h30 and 50 players connected only.

And we don’t run in the same windows version, or onesync and framework i think.
Tell me if i’am wrong.

we do not have the same version of winsows but we have the same problem. I am French and my bad english may have made you think that I was posting for other things. I already create posts for this concern and if I decided to comment on yours is for your post to take more and fivem know that you are not alone.
but if you want I can delete my comment

me too have problem on onesync+ @oxygen

how many vCPUs ?

Administrators of the same server has crevards:

Here the procdump after massing TO today.!eJYBDKpQ!Xxe4to4iGJJUBEPTH5ILu9cADb8gYOUxJRkbtpct3jY

was 50 players, and 2h50 uptime.

It’s seems the crash / TO are due to a memory leak, but really not sure

Thanks for your analyze.

Best regards


I have edit my post and i post your log.!eJYBDKpQ!Xxe4to4iGJJUBEPTH5ILu9cADb8gYOUxJRkbtpct3jY