Mass ProcessClonePacket Timeouts

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Operating system: Windows Server 2016
Artifact version: Tried: 1304/1301/1290
Resources: OneSync ESX
System specifications: i7 7700, 24GB Ram, SSD


Summary: After around 1hr of uptime a lot of players start getting ProcessClonePacket errors. Pings on the server spike and it times out a lot of players.


same, not solved?

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except is solved? maybe update your server files?

No, i have last file of server, and i have the same issue… When the player are 50/50 after 2h30 uptime the server pingkick or TO massive on player…

We check everything on the source code…

I’am not on ESX, but i have the same.

Any idea ?

I have almost the same problem.
All players have a TimeOut Closing and the server screen freezes
Server version: 1387

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Updating server files did nothing for me. Got my ticket closed immediately with the fix being update your server files.

I have the same concern I desperately seek a solution.
I tried to remove all the addon but it does not change anything. As soon as the server reaches 90/128 player 20-30 player timed out.
I use the latest version and this happens since I set up onesync no matter the version.

im have same problem…
but my server is when reach 50+ players will time out 10~20 players