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Our needs:

The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMARP) is in need of a few developers, staff members and also members. We only accept people to become a part of the administration team if they are mature enough,
responsible, experienced and lastly respectful to all members lower ranked and higher-ups.MEMARP is a serious community, we have strict rules that must be followed and some rules must not be broken or will result in a direct ban, no warnings, the following rules must be followed and not broken:

• Do NOT troll or “roast” any members, this is bullying and you WILL be banned.
• Respect all members regardless of role or position.
• Do NOT make offensive remarks. (beliefs, racial, etc)
• Follow Natural Law, you should know how to behave, don’t “Oh but it’s not in the rules so TECHNICALLY…”

Server Information:

Our server is a whitelisted for multiple reasons like trolls and bad roleplay experience. We are still working on our website but that is not our primary concern, right now we have a pre-enlistment for people that want to help the server before the full opening of it. People that want to join the server got to first apply in the pre-enlistment and then get sent a message in our discord if they are accepted considering what they say in they’re application and then after that they will be sent for an interview taken from a member of the administration team or a director himself for now just because we don’t have that many people in the discord right now.


We are getting a TeamSpeak for the server in the next week or so and we will release it as soon as it is done, our friends that the main director knows personally are customizing it and making it as best as we can imagine. It will be used for our interviews, for in-game and also just as offices for higher-ups.


Before anyone joins the TeamSpeak, he or she is trusted with a temporary password that will be used to enter the TeamSpeak. Everyone will have a different password which cannot be sent to anyone except yourself. If we catch you sending it to someone else, the person will be banned permanently from the server and you will be also banned from the server. If you lost the password to enter the TeamSpeak, you will not ask anyone from the server. You will directly go to a member of the administration team and tell them that you lost it and they will generate a new password for you to enter the TeamSpeak.


The server is in great need of a few developers that skin vehicles, that make custom scripts and that are always on when we need them. We want developers that are always on the move, that improve the server and that always do what they are told to do.The MEMARP staff are looking for serious developers, know what they are doing, have experienced over a year or close to it and also that know how to skin, work with ELS and assist the staff members on finding ELS vehicles for the server and departments.We take all our stuff seriously and hope that all the developers we will find will take it them too seriously.

Staff Members:

This is not something that could be easy to get, the staff members are always on the lookout for new people that they think have potential becoming a member of the staff team. We take this role very seriously and any mistake can affect the chances of you becoming a staff member. We also have Rules & Regulation on becoming a staff member same as to joining the server, you have to be over 16 years of age, mature enough to become staff and responsible enough to handle the task you have been giving which is not an ordinary task but is one of the hardest ones.

Departments Available:

We have multiple departments that are not even filled and not even started yet and we need your help to do such thing. These following departments are the choices you got to answer in the pre-enlistment to join:

• Washington County Sheriff’s Office
• Maryland State Police
• Montgomery County Fire Rescue
• Baltimore City Police Department
• Communications (Dispatch)
• Civilian Operations

All of these following departments need 1st in command and other ranks to be filled. If you are interested to join one of the departments you can go apply on the link that will be down below. You all have a chance to become Chiefs, Commanders, Colonels and much more if you really want to and if you help the department to start-up you might be considered as a 1st in command by the directors but don’t take it as a game, you all have to be taking it seriously or that will lower your chances of becoming even a member.

Important Links:


The MEMARP staff team appreciates all of you for reading this post and hope you join us with this amazing experience, we are going to have. Good luck to you all!

Kind regards,


All the departments need a commander so if you are interested in becoming that commander go to the discord and you will receive a form you have to fill out and then interviewed as soon as we are available!


You guys are allowed to join the discord and then if you need help with the pre-enlistment we will help you and give you as much support with it so you can join and have some fun with us.


TeamSpeak is now fully functional, right now we are in need of people that can dev for us. Requirements are above.


Age limit is 15 guys!

Getting website this week and will be done in around 2-3 weeks!


CAD/MDT is going to be done by next week or so! BE READY FOR IT. APPLY NOW.


Finishing all the Departments skinning in about a week, IF you want to help message me on discord, discord link above!
We gained 5-8 members from this I hope we get more.


I am a dev and would love to help. Please email me at if you have any questions


Hey, The invite code expired and I would like to join your community