[MAP] Police Station on Paleto and Prision Interior



Dedicated has some problems take the decision to release some simple mappings, but they took their time.

They are tested and work perfectly

The prison is under the same one that is on the map :slight_smile:
1699.408203125, 2498.166015625, -78.032363891602

Paleto police station

Interior prison

I hope you enjoy it

[mapping].rar (14.4 KB)

It does not let me create it in releases


any cords for the interior? =)


Same here. Where is it?


found it, under the prision. =)


Under the prison?

20 charz


Excuse me, I forgot to place the location.
If it is exactly below the prison … I hope you found it liked: D


Location of prison is
1699.408203125, 2498.166015625, -78.032363891602


Why the heck do people put a helipad on top of a helipad? If it’s the lighting, just sink some lights in the ground


Coords for police station interior?


aa yes, I did not do the inside of the police station because it has one the same.
the coords of the prison are the main post


I put a helipad as I like more that the one I had, do not worry about lighting up something like this: D


What coordinates bring us here?


Ahh, that’s the inside of the prison, it’s exactly under the jail … you have the coordinates in the main post but you still have the steps
1699.408203125, 2498.166015625, -78.032363891602

I hope you drifutes the map: D


Those coordinates work for the jail but not the police office


the commissary is in the same police station of Paleto Bay, the coordinates never took them


where do i put all the files? im confused because there are 2 files in the folder


leave it in the resource folder, one folder is the jail and the other is the commissary.

do not forget to add it in your .cfg


so i put both folders in the recource folder and add them both to the server.cfg ?



20 caracterasasd


thanks for helping me out buddy. i know how to intsal scripts but didnt do maps before