Map modding



Hello there,
If someone need professional built custom map, ask me. Map modder since Gta San Andreas times.


We from Tofu Imperium would need a mapper :slight_smile: maybe join our discord and we can talk alittle bit? :blush: Tofu Imperium is looking for Developers


Hi, are your maps work OK under FiveM server?


Hey! I’m working whit new maps using 3ds max but I need more people for do it, How can I contact you?
(Usually i work with gta iv maps but i’m learning how to convert them from others games).

If you want contact me in discord. #VolpeDelDeserto#6059


I am creating maps for fiveM servers and I can create script so you just “place and play”


How to contact you? Got a qouple questions. (Not sure how to send a private message here… )


Go to their profile and click “Message” on the top right


:slight_smile: Thank you very much!!!


any chance i can get in touch with you about some mods?


Hi :slight_smile:
i am looking around for the hydra heist aircraft base. if you could do that i would realy appreciate it
contact me: