Map Editor Ymap not removing world props when streamed in FiveM



G-day folks,

So I nutted out how to make my own maps - Save them and convert them to run in FiveM! Cool right?

Not as amazing as I hope I can’t for the life of me work out why when I load the map in single player it removes the world Items I asked it to but when I stream the ymap it spawns what I need but doesn’t delete what I asked it.

So example I added some barriers and removed some traffic cones, in FiveM the barriers spawn but the traffic cones are still there, in single player the barriers are there and the traffic cones are gone!

Anyone able to offer some advice on whats going on ?


I don’t know if you can remove entities in FiveM as with single player.

I know you can retexture but as far as I know you can’t remove props from FiveM. Someone that knows maps more could probally help out more :slight_smile:


Hmm that does suck!

What about props placed inside a building? I can see them standing outside but when I walk in they disappear.