Making the scripts creation great again!


Hey guys, I m working on some scripts ann i want to share with you some ideas because i can t do all these scripts

  • food system with items, buyable in stores.
  • Storage system for owned vehicle, like altis life with storage different per vehicle
  • key system. You can give key to your partner and close the door of the vehicle with a simply key (like u)
  • An interaction menu for cops and ems (Heal,cuff,plate and car owner system)
  • Keep a view system (like the jail system but in the ploice station, the bar stay close and the player is blocked in his cell with no time and police officer can open when they want)

Starting to work on this. If some people want to help :slight_smile:


I can’t help you but i want that xD ! Good luck


A message like this is a precious help


honestly I think you should work on the food system and also buy stuff in stores since I havent seen a good script like that so far.


i’ll try, i want to to stuff like altis life with a 100 going to 0 and if u don t eat, obviously u die