Mafia or Rebel



Hey, I’m searching for mafia or rebel script that actually works, I’ve found one but will not work.

Those scripts are build on esx_policejob

In the rebel script, the coordinates are already changed, but when I go there, nothing works, there’s nothing to do there. So if someone has such script to share it would have been wonderful. Or if someone can fix one.

All help is appreciated!

Essentialmode 5 ESX FXserver


The Rebel and Mafia scripts you’ve found works…they’re just not completed for plug-n-play.

I don’t care for people ripping in to others asking for help but you kinda sound like you’re not willing to learn how to make a server. Nothing about any of this is just simple plug-n-play. You will always need to tweak or complete resources you come by. I’m using the exact same resource you’ve found, but mine works because we made it work. I have a Rebel and Mafia house designated, working ranks, in-home storage, garage and all the other stuff. Yes, it’s based on LEO, but that can be changed easily. I suggest sitting down and working it out.