M4A1 and Glock17 (and X26) Weapon Pack (V1.1 Final)



On my old FiveM server, I had a nice little weapon pack that I had been looking for for months, and I FINALLY found it yesterday. This weapon pack includes 3 weapons: A Colt M4A1 (which replaces the “Carbine Rifle”) that comes with a variety of attachments, a Glock 17 (which replaces the “Combat Pistol”) that also comes with a few attachments, and an X26 Taser. If you want to ‘spice up’ your weapon variety in your server without giving your officers ray guns, this is the pack for you. Credits, installation instructions, and links to the original files are in the .txt file as always. Hope you guys enjoy!



Glock 17:


No screenshots yet, I’ll get them when I can get my server back up.

You can download the file here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ir9ywp97bkfb9r/[weapons].rar

If you have any questions/concerns/comments, please leave them in the comments. I will get back to you ASAP. Additionally, I realize that many people have made packs such as this. I thought I’d share mine with no intent of copying someone else.


screenshots? Because I like seeing things before putting them on my server thx!


Even though I don’t normally get packs like this I have to say they are some great models there. Good work!


Did you even read the whole thing? There is a very obvious ‘screenshots’ drop down in the middle of the file…:expressionless:


Thanks! I appreciate the nice comment!


I love this pack. Nice work.


They look really good, cheers.


Did you make the models yourself?


I did not. The credits and links are included in the file download.


Added the X26. No, it doesn’t look very different from the default taser, but… you have it so… have fun with it.


Hey, thx for share but can i add attachments to my weapons store ? i don’t know how to do


You can add attachments to any of the weapons (except he taser) using any mod menu. In terms of actually modeling new parts for the weapons, you’re on your own. I would also speak with the creators if you do plan to edit their file, or check their terms of use.


Original links?

[20 Chars]


Make a gun with the cover despacito as the skin and i’ll include it in MilitaryRP 2 as a Class V Weapon


Included in the file. If you read the description, you would have read that :slight_smile:.


How do i change x26 to have that yellow texture?


You could do it many ways. Either re-texture it yourself or go back to the original download for the X26 and replace the black texture with the included yellow one.


i was the 888th downloader