LSPD Mega Pack



I Have Made Some Cars That Have Been Textures With DOJ PD Skins They Are Quite Nice Cars Quite Simular To The Department Of Justice Im Quite New To Uploading Stuff So I Hope You Guys Like It Here Is The Link -

Please Credit Me!

Looking for a decent Los Santos County Sheriff pack

I’d post in #development:releases and put some screen shots :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree, this much rather belongs in the releases tab, and it would be really awesome if you could post some screenshots!


could you make tsu skins and ghost skins


@Kipz could you please post some screenshots so we could actually see what the skins look like?


Since he didnt post them, I got you guys, LOL


Why does the it say los santos below the police sign on the charger?


Moved to #development:releases


LOL, DOJ like there the standard. Anyone in there rite mind would do there own shit and be Original.


i have made some tsu skins for the cvpi charger and fpiu but also i have made port authority versions too


send them
(20 Character)


sadly i cant


why (20 Characters!~!!!`)


Because someone paid me to make the skins and do a remake of dojs cars in els


crashes my server. Doesn’t work


are these els or non-els?


the cars are non els


kewl… they look really good. I will down load them deffinetly


Cars do work as I have them in my server fine, make sure you have installed everything correctly.

I have also taken out 8 of the cars and only kept two I like and still works fine.


yeah idk i renamed it to pd and it crashed so i just kept it as pdmegapack and it worked fine.