LSPD Hot Pursuit 718 Cayman, F430 and Aventador Captain14 Style Pack



Just a pack of 3 Police Cars retextured to Captain 14 Style.
These cars didnt fit with Captain14 LSPD Pack. so i changed them to look more Captain14 style.
Somewhy all of them had police texts in front wrong way, + the police text looked horrible.

Hot Pursuit Pack




these look good. awesome job

update… I redid the skin for the cayman to the highway patrol skin.


How do you change the max speed on the vehicles?


vehicles.meta (5.7 KB)
So after adding these to my server the Aventador did not have proper vehicle class here is modified vehicles.meta with proper class enjoy, and great work


how to start this cars, only put in resource or put in resource and start¿ in cfg. file ty