LSDoJ Join today (Based off of New Orleans) ! LSPD, LSFD, LSEMS, Dispatchers


New clan looking for members! Hiring Police Officers, Civilians, Fightfighters, and Paramedics! Think you have what it takes? Join us today! We are sure you’ll find a piece of home here at our community! Join our discord:

  • Must be 15+ years of age
  • Must be active
  • Show iniative
  • Work hard
  • Have fun
  • Be willing to adapt to new situations
  • Be mature
  • Must have a discord and a working mic
  • Must speak fluent english
    LSPD, our police department that patrols the city located in San Andreas. Also known as the Los Santos Police Department, offer many positions within the operations like, Front Line Operations, Gang Unit, Traffic Enforcement and much much more!
    Civilians are the ones who make the calls and events for the emergency responders, Being a civilian you have a little more freedom, but keep in mind being a civilian is a given not a requirement and it can easily be taken away from you.
    Dispatchers are the Communication Operators who communicate with our emergency responders to get the information they need and direct them in the right path.
    LSEMS, Ran by Chief Murphy, along side Deputy Chief Trolls the LSEMS are the responders that take YOUR call when you’re hurt or sick, LSEMS also offer many positions. If you like the law enforcement and the medical side of operations be sure to join LSEMS Tactical medics!
    The fire department of the lovely city of Los Santos, San Andreas. The LSFD has one of the most extensive jobs in the community. The reason we say that is because the different calls the firefighters respond to on a daily are different everyday, ranging from different types of fires to medical calls, to Motor Vehicle accidents. The LSFD needs YOU to apply for them today and keep the citizens save!

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