LSCRP Los Santos County Roleplay (Recruiting all departments) (ELS Cars) (Working web based MDT!)




I used to be part of this server its a great server but it got inactive so i left but otherwise if its more active then you should defintley join it btw this is Zack K.


We even have our own News station!


We can always use people!



Its one of those communities where you can actually find quality people.


I built my gaming PC right after Christmas and FiveM was one of the first things I installed. 71st RP was the first server that I saw and I decided to join it. I had no idea what I was doing but after a few minutes of learning the controls I went out and did my first RP(had a general idea of what to do from DOJ videos). One thing lead to another and eventually I made my way up to Civilian 2, SASP recruit, brotherhood “gang” member, and was going to become part of SAFD as well. It was a very good community to learn in and I did learn a lot from them, especially Chris J. But in my opinion this group is far from professional; they have no real promotion guidelines(I was a recruit in SASP for 3 months before I went inactive), they are very unorganized(they don’t keep track of who’s active and who’s not, hardly ever update their roster), and they are pretty inactive(no RP’s for 3 weeks straight, granted I was also inactive), and lastly all of the civilian organizations were never used. All in all it was a great starter community but the extreme unprofessional-ism is what led me to switch to DOJRP instead.


new people are always appreciated


Updated first post with new info

Hello everyone we are still looking for new additions to our community and we currently have positions open in all departments. Come stop by and see what we have to offer.


great community and great people


Been here since around when this community first started and its just great to see how much this community has improved since then. Great Staff, Great RPers, Great LEO & EMS. So come hang out with all of us and enjoy what we have to offer as a community.



I discovered this server about 8 months ago, I have discovered that the staff and other members actually care, and take your thoughts into count. This is the best RolePlay server I’ve ever been on, and I never want to change, it has amazing, and quality RolePlay and members.


We have a lot of open positions and are willing to merge with another community please shoot me message for more details.


We now have EUP running server side as well come join us and check it out