Lowms Scam, Help?



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I have the “hosting server” Low.ms as the company that runs/ran my server, I started my server after getting it, got the server key by the instructions the email sent me, and then I got an error message when I tried to join the server image So I began to read over the fine print in fivem and I noticed yall have every Low.ms server blacklisted, I love FiveM and I’m trying to start a server after spending 40 bucks over there, is there a way that FiveM can help me and my team get a server through zap hosting or have any tips?


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Contact zap-hosting if you want to go with them.


As you see in the error message, indeed LowMs is blacklisted. This is due to them offering game servers which only ZAP hosting is allowed to do.

Therefore I advise you to cancel you lowms contract and ask for a refund. Legally, you should be able to do that.

From then on you have a couple of options:

  1. Get a pre configured game server from ZAP, like was said
  2. Rent a dedicated server (expensive and too much power for a fivem server)
  3. Rent a VPS (1 core and 2GB should suffice)
  4. Home host

As you are developing the server, I advise you to not spend any money and run the server at home on your own computer. You can test things out yourself and if you need another player you can use another PC or port forward and get a member of your team to try things out. Once your server is ready for more players, you can think about options 1-3 to have a 24/7 online server without worrying about electricity costs, up time and so on.


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