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Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the server, I would like to personally thank you for taking time out of your day to check us out.

Here at LowLifeRP we strive for the best RP experience on the server list. We have just come out of private alpha and we are now in public beta looking for more players to join in on the experience. We have an active community and we are looking to grow it as much as possible. We are currently hiring EMS and an EMS Department head feel free to apply when you join the discord. Let us get into the rest of the details.

Roleplay Experience and Jobs
We strive for you to have the best roleplay experience when it comes to playing on our server, but if there is ever an issue you can always make a report and we will be happy to look into it for you so we can get you back to rping.

We have a few legal whitelisted departments that we are currently hiring for so take a look below.

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Los Santos Sheriff’s Department
  • Los Santos Medical / Fire Department (Hiring for department head)
  • District Attorney’s Office

As you can see we are highering in full swing for the server and would like more people to join these departments. We are just starting out and growing our community we would love for you to be apart of that growth so feel free to come on by and stay awhile.

If you would like to join the discord click here @http://bit.ly/LowLifeDiscord
We hope to see you soon!


Serious RP community they are pretty small at the moment but the experiences I had with some of the police and the lawyer have been really good.


Their menu system makes sense, the server runs smoothly, and people on here actually know how to RP!


I know some of the staff and roleplayers on here (including myself), and I can tell you that the RP is fun And serious.


amazing community love every second of it