Low Resource Mode

With the recent spike in popularity of GTA RP, I got to thinking what would be nice while you’re waiting in queues for servers.

How difficult would it be to create a low resource mode that can be enabled in the settings, which puts the application into a sort of “sleep” mode when you get put into a server queue, then when you connect to the server the application flashes on the task bar or even plays a notification sound? That way, especially for people with less than great PCs can play other games or go about other business while waiting in queue.

I am not a developer nor do I have much knowledge when it comes to code. Just a thought that crossed my mind, figured I would come here and post it.

if i understood right, fivem downloads the files, thats the one difrence but from my knowledge if the server has a queue recource, you will just whait for the time to be able to get in, i dont belive it takes much cpu/gpu power as they recources are downloaded, cashed and then when you get in the server they start to take your cpu/gpu power

Or fivem work on max server slots (OneSync+) and it would be way better than working on that type of thing.

or someone could make a recource… so it would be take out of fivem dev’s time