Low FPS (Desktop)


I am having piss poor FPS issues, no more 25 FPS max and thats if Im staring at the ground in first person. I have a AMD FX Series 8350 8 core 4.2ghz CPU GTX 1050 ti 4Gb OC and 16GB RAM. All settings on low and I wont even hit 25 without looking at the ground. In normal GTAV I get 80+ on very high settings. So not sure why i wont even get 30 fps on the lowest settings. ANy suggestions are appreciated.

P.S I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Several times, with reboots as well. My OS is up-to-date and so are all my drivers.

Edit: I get 100+ FPS in the menu if this info helps at all.


fill out the technical support template so people can assist you better.


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