Lost server in serverlist


Hello! My server is lost, possible to find only in “direct connect” in file server.cfg (disable anonsing) all ok. Have some idea what is problem? Sorry my English :frowning:


Please show your server.cfg because it looks like you accidentally disabled the announcing rather than leaving it enabled…


# convars for use from script
# announcing disable? clear out the master by uncommenting this
#sv_master1 “”

# want to only allow players authenticated with a third-party provider like Steam?
_ sv_authMaxVariance 1_
_ sv_authMinTrust 5_


Have you tried updating to the latest server version?


Yes i tried, this happend after strong DDOS attack 2 days my server is down 2 hours work 2 hours ddos


Is your server getting DDoSed, or something else? If your server is getting DDoSed then there’s nothing we can do to help you.


But now server working is good! Only not possible to find in server list


Open the ports, check it works with direct connect, make sure you’re using a correct license key and if you do, try to generate a new one.

Use your mind, there’s tons of possible scenarios.


Open the ports

Think you need to be a bit more specific here, because i have noticed, that FiveM uses other ports besides the one you are defining your server to be on.


30120 is the only outgoing port you need and 30110 for the list afaik


only port i opened for my FiveM server was 30120, 30110 is just the heartbeat which you dont need to port forward.

Unless of course you change the port for it to be on.


Well my server wont verify my key unless i open port 23040 TCP. which i find really strange


I tried everything. Still don’t have server in server list! And have something strange when somebody discinnect or ping timeout, happens crash with message “disconnect” or “ping timeout” crash all client. I changed all passwords trying another ports in hosting all ports is open, and for test trying license keys for another versions server!!;