Los Santos RolePlay VRP (LSRPVRP) (CAD) (Open Staff Positions) (www.lsrpvrp.weebly.com)


Interested in joining a new server with plenty of opportunities and superb roleplay? We have tons of opportunities for both new & experienced Role Players in Los Santos Roleplay VRP which is a new Server that is up and coming that has recently reached 20 members on the official discord which can be found here:
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/GNK3ZNe
We have whitelisted Cops, EMS, and Fire. However, We still are filling ranks in emergency services but we do have a sheriff, State Trooper Colonel, and EMS chief. We also added real cars to the game as well as a CAD system. We also support Social Media Icons such as Streamers and YouTube Content Creators! We have active staff such as the owner himself. senior admins, etc. We have a Real life server where u can apply for jobs such as Bounty Hunting, Weapon Smuggling, Weed Dealer and various legal jobs aswell.


Now We have ELS server side