Los Santos Roleplay | Pre-Alpha | CAD/MDT | Forum | Teamspeak | Custom Scripts! | Applications open untill 18/04/2018 (04/18/2018)


Forums: https://www.los-santos-roleplay.org
Discord: http://discord.me/lsrpofficial backup link: https://discord.gg/wZxBpZA
Server IP: Currently going through a new hosting company.

Los Santos Roleplay (“LSRP”) started in early 2018.
Together with 2 owners we aim to create a stable and reliable server, built by its trusted development team.
We have built the infrastructure the way it is for a nice and trustworthy community.

What do we have to offer?

  • Wide range of Law Enforcement Departments.
  • A friendly and welcoming server team!
  • Complete police database. (whitelist)
  • Complete EMS database. (WIP)
  • Custom scripts.
  • Custom vehicles (Civ vehicles still to come)
  • Weapons skins.
  • Great roleplay possibilities!
  • A great and close community.
  • Large variety of jobs (in the future)

We (try to) ensure that every single person gets a warm welcome upon joining the community.
Therefore we have handpicked admins to guide you through the servers capabilities and functions to ensure that you have the best roleplay experience!

We still have open slots for all departments. Applications will be open up untill April 18th!
We hope to see you soon!

~Tradition of excellence


Good guy :smiley:
Server should be pretty good once it gets players


Having some quality time with the other officers!

A soon to be used station!

Our current LSPD Station!

Our swat team leader is ready for your arrival!


Actively recruiting! Join the fun and become part of the most amazing stories that lurk within the roots of our community!


We’re having training this saturday and sunday, It will be open for ANYONE thats above the age of 16! Become the best out of the best!


your LSRP Team


This server is really good I love playing on this server I recommend joining this discord and playing on this server some good roleplay.:heart_eyes:


@AlternateAction We surely appreciate your comment! Hope to see you back in the server :slight_smile:


Nice CAD!
I might join your server man.


Thanks for the comment @Kaight! We hope to see you here soon! :smiley:


LSRP Staff team.


Only 3 more days untill applications are being closed. Take your chance!


Still actively recruiting for all 3 Dept.

  • Sheriff’s Department
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol

Take your chance and become one of the elite!


Currently looking for a developer! Join our discord and come talk to us if you feel interested!


Still recruiting! be a part of our community today!


Can I see screenshots of your CAD?


Our CAD is currently down due to us moving forum software. But it should be back up pretty shortly!