Los Santos Police Department Role Play Server




We are a new community wanting to expand our unique Role Play server. Keep reading for more information about us!

Welcome to LSPDRP. We are a chill, comfortable, and flexible role play server. We have Police departments: LS City Police, LS Highway Patrol, and Sheriff’s Department.

It’s very easy and flexible to apply and become a cop, visit our website at http://lspdrpserver.weebly.com/ for more information and to apply.

We actively use discord for our role play server. Here is our Discord server: http://www.discord.gg/bzkr8tQ42

We hope to see in our discord and our ever growing role play community!


You guys should check them out.

When the FXServer was released and people were forced to use it we originally closed the server but jango took on the responsibility and decided to let it live on.

With the fresh new start and fresh open minds im sure they will be able to offer the same experience if not more and already looks like they got a good future plan for the community.

Give them a visit, you wont regret it!