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Los Santos Justice Department is Now in Full Alpha Stage.

We are currently Recruiting, Hiring and Inviting Anyone and everyone, The Server is A bit of both on VOIP and Chat, we hope to break the Chat and Become a Heavy VOIP server in future even think of whitelisting, but for the moment we are sticking to open for everyone.

we have the server working at a good Working standard and will stay like this until we decide to upgrade in future plans, we are hiring Police, EMS, Ingame Staff & Discord/Forum staff at the current time, if you are looking for server to apply for feel free but requirement are that you have a Mic and your age is at least 17 and over, There is no exceptions to this as you will be going under heavy Work from the Founder/Co-Owner. When applying for this role, no Trolling as we have Eyes and a lot of logs that can catch you out.

If you would like to join out information is on - http://lsjd.rf.gd/.

~Thanks for Reading