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Are you looking for a new server? Are you willing to spare some time to come have fun with great people? Well then the Los Santos Emergency Roleplay Community is looking for you! Hello, my name is Chief Corey with the LSPD, the LSESRP group is a new RP community that is hiring in all departments. At this time we currently have the LSPD, LSFD, and the LSES Communications department. If you are looking to join us, please go to https://discord.gg/HB6GhR2 and message Dillon, Corey, or Eric to set up and interview and are teamspeak is! Like I said, we are a new community so we are looking for active members. Thanks for your time!


I do not recommend this server at all. One of their members came onto my community server and started advertising their server. This is very unprofessional and shows that their community is lacking members, therefore they need to steal them from other communities. Uploading…