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Applications are open!


SASP’s new Vehicle Enforcement & Accident Team in action!


SASP Motorcycle Officers taking a break and running radar near the Braddock Pass tunnel.


Hardest Choice Of The Job Sprinkles Or Glazed.



Los Santos County Firefighters taking a break between calls at Station 3 in Sandy Shores. Our Fire Department is now a full-time department and accepting applications!



Break Em Out Bail Bonds now hiring interested Civilians who want an exciting new career.


Many highly active departments having a great time patroling. #LSDPS


This combative suspect was non-compliant and ended up “riding the lightning” before being placed under arrest.


You almost 69’d him…


I want to be the police


A Sheriff’s Deputy and a State Trooper clear a silent alarm at the Ammu-Nation on Route 68 near Fort Zancudo.

Join us at www.lsdps.us


i would join


i would join bail bonds


Check us out at LSDPS.US and submit an app to join and you can!


Email sent


We are not accepting email applications at this time. However you can register and apply on our website at LSDPS.US




Undercover detectives meeting with an informant at an undisclosed parking garage. Identities and case information withheld.