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Do you have teamspeak ip?


Our website has been updated: www.lsdps.us

Our teamspeak is for members only, if you apply and get accepted you will get the IP. I have updated our website links!


Looking for new department heads! Apply today!


Still recruiting at LSDPS.US


Dude u join Communities and leave like in 7 days


@Alberto.R12 I lol’d


Our new custom ambulance is in and skinned!


A spot awaits you on the Police Dept! Apply today, and you could be the one driving this beauty!


The link says the website is not active. Is there another way to apply?


lsdps.us is the website
it is active, this is where you apply


Technical Issue, the website is back online.




What is beautiful?..


If chargers arent your thing, we also have this beautiful tahoe!


English much?:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::laughing:


Join today! :smiley:


Do not join this community its bad community


@Hayden. Considering you were never a member of LSPDS what exactly are you basing that off of?


Hi. Would like to join your community


why does LCDPS’s comments getting deleted? lol looks like all it is a bump