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check back to the website periodically, you will also receive an email if we do


One more question,is this server open to the public?


No, we are whitelisted all the time. You were approved by me…


Go to this link and check out the menus here, there are a couple different ones that people have shared. [Fixed][Release]M-menu [Modified]


We are in need of civilians! Apply today! :slight_smile:

Dev looking for community

New updated vehicle showcase video is up! Click the vehicle showcase youtube link above to view it!


Anyone looking to join a community? Look no further!


i sent in a application just a few minutes ago


Great! We will take a look!


Still recruiting! We need civilians! Apply today :slight_smile:


New fire/ems fleet is 90% finished join the fire/ems dept today! :smile:


We need Civilians apply today!!!


Taking applications for all departments, we are actively looking for supervisor civilian positions, you could be the one! Apply today! www.lsdpsclan.com thank you for reading!


Our fire/ems new models have been placed in the server and skinned! Apply today!


New fire/ems fleet skinned and looking good!! And yes the ladder moves in multiple directions and you can walk on it!


Current Positions Within LSDPS

_Police Chief - Filled
Deputy Police Chief - Filled

Fire/EMS Chief - Filled
Asst. Fire/EMS Chief - NOW FILLED

Civilian Director - Filled
Asst. Civilian Director - OPEN

If leadership is not your forte, then we have plenty of regular member space! Hope to see you soon!

Police Chief


Some new additions to the police fleet, more to come. We do not use ELS these are NON ELS https://gyazo.com/1068b9a6b9432153383a3826d07994dc


Wanting to join the fire/ems? Check out my latest video showcasing some of our new fleet! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jfexj2zay0&t


Even MORE additions to the fire/ems fleet just arrived!


Apply Today! We have gotten a brand new police fleet! New pictures soon!