Los Santos Department of Justice | Active Members+Staff | 300+ Discord Members | Custom Scripts/Vehicles | Over 100 Emergency Vehicles!

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What to expect
LSDOJ Roleplay focus on providing the most quality experience on our server and a realistic Role-play experience. By doing so we have active Support and Staff members and owners who are always willing to help out. We want to make sure new members feel welcomed once joining our server.

Departments/Divisions we offer

We’re always hiring new members for all of these Departments and Divisions.

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • SAHP - Highway patrol
  • Fire/EMS
  • K-9 Unit
  • Air Unit

Our Custom Features

We have many customs and unique features within our server such as:

  • Custom Weapons
  • Custom Peds/Uniforms
  • Over 100+ Emergency Vehicles
  • We also have scripts made that are based off DOJ scripts
  • Custom M-Menu for Emotes/Cuffing/Breathalyzer and so on
  • Custom CAD/MDT (web-based)
  • Easy to understand Discord Layout
  • Custom Business you can open with an application
  • Custom Houses & Business Buildings

Our Development Team

Our Development team is dedicated to keeping our server at a high maintenance and always adding custom features into the server for all our members to use and enjoy, We currently have 3 Developers that are almost always working on something cool and interesting for the server and its players!

Our Staff Team

Our Staff team is dedicated to making the server FailRP Free and a chilled out play to play, We are also focused on bringing the community together so everyone can come and enjoy the server with eachother!

We are currently Recruiting Staff and we have 8 positions available, all are welcome to come and apply for these positions and we encourage you come and give it ago, and even if you dont get it this time there is always a next time, you can also be asked to fill out a application for staff by a staff member if they see you are being helpful within the community and if they think you deserve a staff position.

Images of our CAD System

Images from our Server

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