Los Santos Customs | Benny's Motorworks V1.2


Update V1.2 :

  • Added Benny’s and Beeker’s garage
  • Benny’s Motorworks upgrades are available at all garages
  • Improved and optimized menu
  • Now mods, which are’nt available for specific vehicle wont be shown
  • Driving in garage is now more like in original LSC
  • Controls are shown at bottom
  • Garage locking is now fixed(Well I tested with 2 players, i hope it works with any amount of players)
  • Now it is possible to configure a few things
  • Maybe something more that I have forgot :sweat_smile:

Available configuration in lsconfig.lua :
Prices, but I wont list them here as there are a lot of them

------Model Blacklist--------
--Does'nt allow specific vehicles to be upgraded
LSC_Config.ModelBlacklist = {

--Sets if garage will be locked if someone is inside it already
LSC_Config.lock = false

--Enable/disable old entering way
LSC_Config.oldenter = false

--Menu settings
LSC_Config.menu = {

	controls = {
		menu_up = 27,
		menu_down = 173,
		menu_left = 174,
		menu_right = 175,
		menu_select = 201,
		menu_back = 177

-------Menu position-----
	--Possible positions:
	--Custom position, example: position = {x = 0.2, y = 0.2}
	position = "left",

-------Menu theme--------
	--Possible themes: light, darkred, bluish, greenish
	--Custom example:
	--[[theme = {
		text_color = { r = 255,g = 255, b = 255, a = 255},
		bg_color = { r = 0,g = 0, b = 0, a = 155},
		--Colors when button is selected
		stext_color = { r = 0,g = 0, b = 0, a = 255},
		sbg_color = { r = 255,g = 255, b = 0, a = 200},
	theme = "light",
--------Max buttons------
	--Default: 10
	maxbuttons = 10,

	width = 0.24
	height = 0.36
	width = 0.24,
	height = 0.36


DOWNLOAD(Both versions are included there)

[Release] Los Santos Customs by Arturs
[How-To] Add-on Vehicles (Detailed)

How do you get the menu to open? I see the blips but nothing customs wise.


same problem for me too
and is there a way to save car changes to garage i mean when people do /pv car changes are not saved


@FAXES @Yunus_Emre_AKTAS Drive with vehicle and stop right after u drive in garage, you can see how i enter garage in video :wink:


but its not work everytime if you do it like a press E/ENTER to enter garage it will be better


You have to be facing the garage with vehicle , if you will drive inside backwards, then it wont work


is there a way to do it with ENTER or E or other key


I will soon add config option to enable old entering way


@FAXES @Yunus_Emre_AKTAS Redownload and set LSC_Config.oldenter = false to true in lsconfig.lua, it will enable old entering way :slight_smile:


from vrp wait release?


thank you. last one is when people buy parts. its free to buy parts. money is dont change when you buy sometihng im using esx

[REQUEST] LSCustoms whitelisted by steamid/license

Very nice release. Entering in workshop like gtao is awesome.


Will there be a vrp release? If not is it posssible to make everything free if vrp conversion is not possible?


Cant tell for now… But yeah it is possible to set everything for free just change all prices in lsconfig.lua to 0


i mean right now erverythink has a price but when you buy it your money is still the same. i mean price have a bug


I know… It’s not a bug… there is no money system implemented. Take a look at lscustoms_server.lua and u will understand


so how to add ? im using essential


I think the link you provided is broken?


Simply replace the ServerEvent(“LSC:buttonSelected”)
to that

AddEventHandler("LSC:buttonSelected", function(name, button)
    TriggerEvent('es:getPlayerFromId', source, function(user)
        local player = user.getIdentifier()
        if button.price then
            if (tonumber(user.getMoney()) <= tonumber(button.price)) then
                TriggerClientEvent("LSC:buttonSelected", source,name, button, true)
                TriggerClientEvent("LSC:buttonSelected", source,name, button, false)


I feal like you copied the ESX Version :smirk: