Los Santos County RPC New opening Soon/Applications open for EMS/Sheriff/Developer/Staff Custom Cad



My Name is officer Gibbs, we are about to launch LSCRCP server in a few weeks when we will have everything in place, we are currently a small community hoping to expand in a good pace.
we will strive to be as realistic as possible when it comes to RP,
Basic rules that we have put in place are : Must have a working mic
A Legal copy of GTA V
No age limit as long as you act mature
Must follow Community´s Rules at all times
More rules to come!!

Also we are currently working on our Discord but please feel free to join if u want here https://discord.gg/p6ADwCw to be part of this new project.

I will also update you all in the progress within our server.



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i love this community



we are open to EMS & Fire, Sheriff, Developer, Staff join our discord for more info!



we are aiming to open soon feel free to join and apply

 So you want to know more about us? 


Founded in January 2019, we are an online roleplaying community that focuses on policing and crime in Los Santo County, that plays Grand Theft Auto V for PC using various third-party script and vehicle modifications (known informally as 'mods') that introduce new features to the game. But we're not just about policing - you can play as a paramedic, a fire-fighter or even a criminal! Most of these roles are focused around the police, but they're fun enough to play on their own!

We use many Los Santos County vehicles, pedestrian and environment mods from some of the best modders/developers out there for GTA V.

Our main goal is to be the most professional, realistic and immersive US-based GTA community out there!

Our games

We run our gaming sessions using FiveM for GTA V. These gaming sessions are referred to as "patrols".  We offer training. Of course, members are free to run unofficial patrols for as long as and whenever they like as long as it doesnt co-inside with any official patrols. 


During a patrol, we do not use scripts, we have in game civillians who act as either the victim or suspect. we all work as a team of officers patrolling the map, we have our own  channels and can call in or be called to a job by the control room.  we also have our own MDT system. It's as realistic as you can get and It's really fun!


 What makes us different from the rest?

We are one of the few "Los Santos County´s" to actually use our custom vehicles. We don't set straying from realism as our goal - on the contrary, we aim to make our games as realistic as possible, with advice and feedback from those serving in the real emergency services. 

DISCLAIMER: We do NOT represent or are affiliated with the real Los Santos, County Ambulance Service, Los Santos FireDept . We are an online community of gamers who enjoy roleplaying the emergency services in the US. WE DO NOT REPRESENT ANY REAL WORLD SERVICES OR ORGANIZATIONS AND ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM IN ANY WAY.



Teamspeak server coming soon!!


Teamspeak up still in development but feel free to join if you want info on our community