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What are we?

The Los Santos County Department of Public Safety is a large building that used to be the sight of the los santos observatory, now it is home to a large local governmental facility dedicated to the safety of the persons that reside within Los Santos County, and currently also Blaine County and Paleto County. We are very dedicated on bringing everything that the county needs including Sheriff, Fire, EMS, and any other services that may be useful to the county.

Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office

The Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office is the place to be if you are looking for diversity, we accept people from all backgrounds of roleplay and we are the department to apply for if you are interested in interesting but challenging situations. The Department is currently split into two subcategories, the “metro” division and the “county” division. When you join you will be able to choose which division you prefer.
Like all other departments within LSCDPS we are looking for members who are dedicated to their postion within the department, who will be there through thick and thin, I cannot even begin to tell you the number of people who tell us that they are great at what they do, but don’t like to do the things in roleplay that aren’t fun, and end up not showing up anymore. Let us make ourselves very clear, it is not easy to become a member of LSCDPS and even after you become a member you are always tested on a daily basis. We are a new and small department, but we are still willing to train those who are new. We focus on being realistic, and thats our specialty, our leaders give you all the lemons you need to be successful not only in the department but in the community as a whole, all we need you to do is make some damn good lemonade!

Los Santos County Department of Public Safety Official Page

If you have any further qustions please contact Commisioner Daniel Homes in Our Discord


We are still hiring, feel free to at least ask me some questions either on here in the comments or on our discord


Very bad server i got banned for driving around and not stopping AKA 10-80. FailRP from the owner himself he RDM’s and VDM’s almost everyone for no reason.


Unfortunatly, this isnt a server, its a department within one. I believe you might be on the wrong forum post, im sad to see that there is another server that are not what they say they are