Los Santos Brotherhood RP Community | Whitelisted | Custom Peds, Cars, and Scripts | Custom CAD/MDT | Recruiting! (Looking for Developers)



The LSBRPC are currently looking for vehicle developers! If you would like to apply you can at the following link! - http://bit.ly/LSBRPCDevApp


We have moved our site to www.lsbrpc.net


New retextured engine!


Don’t have Grand Theft Auto Five? Don’t worry! Join our Communications Department and you can still be a part of the fun!

-LSBRPC Recruitment Staff


Paleto Bay’s new 2016 charger!


The LSBRPC has announced our new program called the Ride-Along Program this allows you to ride-along with someone from our team!

More Information here - http://bit.ly/Ride-AlongInfo

Ride-Along Form - http://www.ridealong.lsbrpc.net


LSPD Has opened applications back up! I would really love to see some applications and new faces out patrolling!

You can apply at: apply.lsbrpc.net

-LSPD Sergeant Andrew S. 2B-24


SAHP best department out there!!! Professionalism is on point and maturity of the people are also on point.
I definitely recommend this for people with new experience and people with past experiences of roleplaying. This server has a mature Director and mature staff team which for my opinion is really excellent. Also the department vehicles are nice.

Apply here: apply.lsbrpc.net


Did you know that our website is up and running? You can find it at: www.lsbrpc.net

-LSBRPC Recruitment Team


We just got our brand new CAD/MDT https://cad.lsbrpc.net


SAHP has opened up 3 new sub-divisions!

-Air Unit
-Bike Unit
-Commercial Vehicle Enforcement!

Want to be a part of one of these divisions? Apply for SAHP at apply.lsbrpc.net


The LSBRPC has announced our new Co. Director! Congratulations to Isaac J. 1A-2 | 1K-29. We can’t wait to see what he is going to bring to our community!

Note: All departments are hiring! apply.lsbrpc.net


The plan for LSBRPC as of right now is to get our servers back up and running smooth. We will be doing a complete server wipe with that being said we will have to reinstall all cars, scripts, and uniforms and whatever else needs to be installed. So I don’t have an ETA on when the servers will be back up and running. I will give you updates on what’s going on when needed.

If you would still like to apply you can at https://apply.lsbrpc.net


I am happy to announce that LSBRPC will be making a come back to FiveM and we are excited to return. However, applications are NOT open yet we will let you know when applications are open! We have completely rebuilt our website please make sure to register with an account on our website in order to apply in the future! We are starting over meaning that all departments are open and will be recruiting, we have a new administration team as well. Our Discord (Click Here) is still open feel free to join and be the first to know when applications open. Please note since we are starting over we are a beginning community and looking to grow. All old members were kicked from the Discord and are welcome to come back if they’d like to!

New website: https://www.lsbrpc.net