Los angeles rp server realistic



hi my name is pc gamer /krazzy i would like to inv u to a realistic rp server where a ton of hrs have gone into the cars and development of this server also where a owner is on 24/7 plz come join to see what were about we look forward to seeing u soon
hrs owners are on im on from 12am to 4 am then back on at 11am to 10 pm
the others are on when im not central time zone server is up all day and we are a friendly community with a good owner and if cars are needed to be made for now we take requests for 3d models skins as i buy models and make cars skins u guys have a good one again hoping to see u soon no age limit on any dept or dev roles owners exc we are in need of active people no dual clanning for now as owner as stated plz do come and check us out is els btw for now https://discord.gg/YPfXbGt server ip