Los Angeles Roleplay


Los Angeles Role-Play (Abbreviation: LA:RP)
Forums: https://www.csrpfivem.life/forums/
Discord: https://discord.gg/wGUub8r

LA:RP was previously named as CS:RP, founded in February of 2017. Ever since, we have been gathering a steady player base and most importantly, updating the server on a regular basis so as to keep up with the server updates and developmental tweaks / releases. LA:RP is based in the southern California city where we have active admins, cops and from time to time, EMS / FD.

LA:RP aims to provide a conducive environment for each and every player. We have a wide range of Law Enforcement Departments, Fire Departments and Civilian jobs which you can choose to join / apply for respectively. We have a number of server rules which players have to abide to and the punishments / repercussions of breaking them are severe to a certain point. However, our main aim is to rectify the mistakes of those players and make them reflect on their action(s).

We do not solely focus on the Law Enforcement aspect within the server, we pay equal attention to the civilian lifestyle, gang / family lifestyle and government factions. We currently have gangs that are active that add on to the RP atmosphere for most players. Families such as the Malones and the Motorcycle Club, “The Disciples Motorcycle club”. We monitor the various aspects of roleplay there are in the server, however, we, admins can’t be around 24/7 which is why we have a suggestions channel for players to give in their input on making the server a better place to roleplay in. We consider each and every suggestion seriously and we look into various aspects and it’s boons and banes.

As for the Law Enforcement aspect within the server, I am proud to say that we have one of the best Law Enforcement Departments within FiveM itself. We have departments such as the California Highway Patrol, Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Sheriff Department. Every department works hand in hand and there isn’t any superior department nor are cops exempted from the server rules. Everyone is treated equally with the right amount of respect and care. We try to replicate the dispatch transmissions and patrol procedures like how it would occur / happen in real life. We have jurisdictional controls and much more. The Law Enforcement Officers have many unique features such as a Mobile Data Computer, Warrants Section, Frisk Section, Custom 911 Calls, Custom Dispatch Calls, Custom Drag and Detain option and the ability to choose over 15+ cars for their patrol each day for the respective department they are in. Inclusive of divisions for each officer such as ;

Special Weapons and Tactics [LAPD]

Traffic Enforcement Division [LAPD / LASD / CHP]

Gang and Narcotics Division [LAPD / LASD / CHP]

Criminal Investigation Bureau [LAPD / LASD]

Special Enforcement Bureau [LASD]

Joint Training Academy Officer [CHP / LAPD / LASD]

Special Task Force Operations [CHP]

We have custom law enforcement car models, hand picked to match their real life counterparts with custom liveries to also match their real life counterparts. CHP, LAPD and LASD. Credits goes to the owners / creators of the modifications. We have a lot of custom and unique options for Law Enforcement Officers which packs a punch.

As for the Fire Department Sector, we have custom and unique features for the Fire Department Sector with more in the works and a few released. The Fire Department, similarly to the Law Enforcement Factions, have multiple custom garages and stations.

On top all of that, Civilians have the opportunity to strive via the economy ladder and achieve fame through various ways through legal and illegal doings. Legal jobs such as Commercial Driving Job (Cross state deliveries), Commercial Deliveries (FedEX), Taxi Driver, Weed Delivery / Dealing / Selling, Hunting, Public Works (Repair roads and etc). We aim to bring in more jobs for players where they can engage themselves in various activities and have a proper form of interaction with other cops, be it traffic stops or just a normal conversation with another player.


We hope to see you around in LA:RP!

LA:RP Administrative Team



If you are looking for serious RP, this server hands down is the place for this


Thanks Martis!

List of scripts we have: (Script Hook Disabled)

Custom Jobs for Civilians
Custom Government Jobs (Police, Sheriffs & Highway)
Custom Paramedic / FF Jobs
Custom Banking Script
Customised Economy (Realistic Economy system)
Custom Fuel Script
Custom Login Menu
Custom Emotes with Objects
Custom Inventory System
Custom Robbery System (Rob Banks, Stores)
Custom Player Robbery System (Rob Players)
Custom Lock System (Lock your cars)
Custom AI Lock System (12% chance of stealing a random civilian car on the road)
Custom Player Garage System (Ability to store vehicles)
Enhanced Admin Commands & Actions
Custom Player Housing (Ability to buy houses with interiors)
Custom LARP Handling File
Custom Clothing Shop
Custom Tattoo Shop
Custom Weather System (Smooth / Flawless transitions between weathers and times)
Custom Weapon Shop (Inclusive of a Black Market Shop)
and Much More!

What are you waiting for! Come on down to LA:RP, the fun awaits you!


LARP is growing daily, and the core player base is always looking forward to interacting with new and entertaining players. I am so glad to be apart of a successfully executed fantasy within the confines of LARP. If anyone has any questions or wants to get involved, the LARP forums are available here: http://csrpfivem.life/forums/index.php

        Have fun & be safe! 
             Wyatt Derp


This is a really really light roleplay server, don’t let the ad fool you. The owner just drifts around gas pumps in a copcar, isn’t really active. The staff are constantly roleplay while on admin duty, and Character is constantly broken. There is a lot of salt around the community as well with Crim and Police relations, which causes shit to go ooc a lot throughout the community. There is a lot of drama around, which is why a lot of the older admins are leaving the community this is involving mostly the owner.

The main owner does barely anything around the community leaving the Developer Matt to do mostly everything, while he just sits there and plays other games. The owner himself barely knows what real roleplay is, as he breaks most of his own rules around the community. The Owner admitted to me that he came from a really light roleplay community in the past, so this isn’t too surprising to me. This Community is losing its members because of how the main owner runs things so I wouldn’t recommend this community if you are looking for realistic roleplay.


What this person is saying is completely false. This is one of the best servers on FiveM period. This person that is writing this was only with the server for about 2-3 weeks, within that time he transferred departments cause they didn’t want him cause he cried that he wasn’t getting promoted fast enough. He then went to the LAPD and within the first week he was there he claimed a bunch of stuff about himself that wasn’t true just to get promoted, and after that and after breaking some server rules he got banned. Now he does all he can to talk down on one of the best communities out there because we saw through his lies and deceit and got rid of him. He then tried to recruit some of our members on his way out. So this guy has no dignity, and I truly feel sorry for the community that has to put up with him now.

The two server owners that we have are some of the best, they look at community first before themselves, and that is why we continually gain new players and keep the loyal ones. So if anyone that sees this is looking for a forever home within FiveM, and you are looking for a truly deep roleplay experience, then this is the place for you.


Alright Jeff, you want to play that trashing game I’ll post the pastebin of the convo with the immature owner. I would also like to add that the shit that I claimed can be vouched by a forum mod here. Judging that this response, which is lies, goes to further prove the fact of how mature this community is.

You also say that I attempted to “Steel” Members really? The last time I checked I don’t own a server, I play on Family. I wouldn’t recommend anybody from there to it, so how did I try to steel members? I got banned because I told the owner that the Mybb forum software is vulnerable, which it is highly vulnerable. I don’t cry like some of the administration IE Hadfield, who literally came in crying the day I got LT. I was also playing for two months Jeff not 2-3 weeks. All anybody would have to do is look on any twitch stream from LARP to see that it is a light roleplay server. The server owner admitted to coming from the lightest roleplay servers.


Unfortunately for you M1ke, this is the FiveM forums, the fact that we have a rule stating that we do not allow players to run their own servers / be developers of other servers to play on LA:RP is what you clearly broke. You wanted a rank within the server, you didn’t get it, so you and one of our Operations Managers, left the server to start your own by stealing members from us and from various community whom i will not name. The fact that you made claims here and there about the server owner not doing anything, let’s look at the bigger aspect, who do you think aids in all the administrative and legal issues that arises within the server? Who pays for the server? Who deals with all the idiots like you that hop on to just steal players and steer up issues? What about the custom vehicle pack and custom liveries we have? Anyways, good luck with your future endeavours with your own server which unfortunately is named similarly to our old server “California State Roleplay”. We would appreciate it if you bring your salt to a different location. Also, our developer isn’t going to sell our scripts to you nor is FiveM a place to engage in such deals (e.g selling scripts) because a developer from a very well known server couldn’t help you out. Thank you for playing on LA:RP for 3 days, i hope you see progress within your own server.


I am just shedding light on your salt kid…now please go away and move on. You don’t have better things to do than live in the past? You were the first to post, I was just commenting on your salt. Now go away.


You say you play on family, but all your streams are from magicalityrp as a deputy or no pixel as a civ. More lies. Go away kid


I don’t need to post anything more, the salt showed itself already.


Much appreciated for not having to post anything anymore, both of you, let the salt fest end please.


looks like fun shame im banned lol
but have fun with that server ive given up with fivem all together so enjoy while you can and dont even move or you will get banned lol have fun


Had an awesome patrol today! Managed to bring 2 servers up to evenly distribute out the cops! Thanks a lot!


Here’s some photos from CHP’s Crime Prevention Task Force training this week!

Sergeant Tom Cox with the California Highway Patrol CPTF securing a vehicle during felony stop training.

Senior Officer Vince Cullen, Sergeant Cox, and Officer Angel Valor performing Breach and Clear training.

SO Cullen, Officer Valor, and Officer Henderson apprehending a barricaded suspect (Officer Hansen) in Breach and Clear training.

- CHP Officer E. Hansen


Well, I’d like to say, as a player of LA:RP that this is the best RP server I’ve ever found on FiveM.
I’m playing there daily and I really like the server, the cops are amazing, the admins are amazing, especially Anthony Morgan(The Owner), he has time for his players and ALWAYS helping them.
And last thing, LA:RP4Ever<3


I’ve been playing on LA:RP since the weekend of July 4th and it has nearly taken over my gaming life. I just enjoy the people and the experience that I have had. The best part of LA:RP is that everyone is welcome. If you aren’t a strong RPer, there is support to build a character and get your experience. I truly can’t overstate the good experience that I’ve had on the server and how much it’s grown. Proud to be part of the community.


This server is an amazing. The 2 Owners Alwin and Anarchy are amazing at what they do. I joined the server back in May as the head of the CHP. I retired on Sunday due to me not having any time to come on and me joining the Army. All the admins spend a lot of time insuring that all the people breaking the rules are gone and all the people following the rules are having fun. I have been roleplaying for 6 years now and this was one of the best if not the best community/server I have played on.


Appreciate it a lot Sam! You were with us since the very beginning and we appreciate the support you have given us, both as Operations Manager and as the Server Security Team Deputy Director. We would like to thank you for your service and hardwork for and within LA:RP. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have the California Highway Patrol. One of the many best things that has happened to LA:RP. Thank you once again. Forever be loved, never forgotten.

  • Regards,
    LA:RP Owners Alwin & Anarchy