Los Angeles Lyfe Roleplay | Server Side Trainer | Fully Developed | CAD/MDT | Custom Vehicles | Serious RP | Recruiting!


We are a truly realistic and fun roleplay community looking for new members, We have custom Police, Civ, Fire, and EMS vehicles. Currently, our server is in mid-develop and we are recruiting in all departments and staff.

Our Features
We have a fully made economy, buyable apartments, open-all interiors, a faction system, vehicle system, and for more information go to our discord @ https://discord.me/ladoj. We have more coming to our servers!

Our Departments
We have a few legal whitelisted departments that we are currently hiring for so take a look below.
Police Department
Fire Department
Emergency Medical Services
Blaine County Sheriffs Office

Staff Positions are open!


Just letting u know ur discord has a password.


Fixed it, so you can retry again if you want.