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Los Angeles DOJ
*Est. 2018/11/15
Discord Server




About Los Angeles DOJ

We are a group of friends who met on fivem and after a while we wanted to make our own server. We have custom cars, Active LEO’s and Staff. We allow Hitman RP and Military RP! ( Just let us know if you going to be doing a military rp!)!

About Our Departments

We have training’s every satuday at 3 PM EST . We teach how to do proper pit’s, how to negotiate, proper code 5 stops, and we provide a gun training at the end of all the trainings. We train our officers strictly throughout the trainings.



We have training’s every sunday at 3 PM EST . We also provide the same training as LAPD.



The CHP Training will be scheduled at times of convenience If training is needed then i will schedule it mainly on weekends. We Will focus on high speed pursuits, Weapon training, How to pit a vehicle, and a code 5 stop see you at training.



Our SRT [Special Response Team] division is our most trained division with training’s ranging from Sniper Training, Negotiation’s, How To Properly Use A Ballistic Shield and Many More. We are one of the hardest departments to get into. We have training’s every Wednesday at 5PM EST.


K9 Unit

Our K9 Team consist’s of German Shepherds and Bloodhounds. Our dogs and officers are highly trained when it comes to our K9 team! To join K9 you must have at least 2 months of experience as a LEO.


Wanna Be A LEO Or Be Part Of Staff?

At LASDOJ we have a strict age limit on our recruits.

Must be age 13 or older
Must have a working microphone
Must have discord
Must know their main 10-codes
Must Speak Fluent English ( written and verbal )
Must do a 1 on 1 interview


Videos Coming Soon




Thank you from LASDOJ Staff


We Hope To See You There!:kissing_heart:


Any pictures?


Not at the moment sorry


i want to join


I love la


i even have chp siren and lapd and fd


You can join our discord if your interested!


We Have Over 10+ Cars For Each Department!


We’ve Now Got Our CAD/MDT Setup!


We Have In-game working CAD/MDT Now!



Now With 75+ Members!


one of the most respectful servers


i lied lol 80+ members now xd


This is honestly one of the best servers I have ever played on, I highly recommend this server to anyone and everyone looking for a Stable, fun, and professional FiveM RP community!!!


ty <3