Los Angeles Department of Justice - Custom CAD - EUP - Custom Civ Cars - Department Heads Needed - Actively Recruiting, Apply Today


Hello, My name is Jadus. Founder of the “Los Angeles Department of Justice”, I see people have made a LADOJRP before, but they don’t know that I started the Original LADOJ 2 Years ago, but never got the team to help me start it all the way. Anyway back to the subject at hand, I have restarted the Project of “Los Angeles Department of Justice” and I have a fully functional Development Team and Management Team. We are looking for leaders to fill in the roles of department heads such as Civilian Operations and other LEO Departments, We will have our server unlocked on the 12th on this month of October. We hope you will come and enjoy the RP experience that we have provided for the community.

-= Things being Added =-

  • New LEO Vehicles for Different Departments
  • Looking to add the FAA Department down the road.
  • Making SOPs for all Departments, Civilian and LEO.
  • Trying to make a unique RP Environment, using different methods of RP.

-= Looking For =-

  • New Department Heads
  • Active Head Administrator
  • Senior Administrators
  • Administrators
  • Moderators

-= Things Added =-

  • Keeping the entire community up-to-date with development and community matters.
  • Polite Staff and Management (Most Communities Don’t have this, but we make sure that everyone is treated nicely)
  • Active Management Team
  • Active Recruitment Officers

-= Features =-

  • ELS
  • Unusually RP Simulations
  • EUP Clothing
  • Custom CAD
  • Different Weapon Skins
  • Custom Civilian Cars
  • Aviation Wing for Departments
  • Planes (Certain Civilian Rank Only)

We have plenty more to add, but I would be making a book if I added everything within our community. If you would like to learn more on our Community you may come to our discord. We have management personnel on standby for anyone that needs help understanding our community and trying to figure out what there roles are and how to be successful at it.

Another thing before I submit this topic, I mean’t what I said about looking for heads and leaders for all departments if you want to be active and you understand what you are doing, I will start you at a higher level then a normal standard person.

-= Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Vehicles =-

-= San Adreas State Trooper Vehicles =-

-= San Adreas Fire Department Vehicles =-

-= Los Santos Police Department Vehicles =-

-= Civilian Operations =-

Here is our Discord Invite If you are Interested:


BUMP (20 Char) Looks Great Just Applied


BUMP (20 Char) Friendly Owner And Staff


BUMP Still looking for People to Apply for Departments