Los Angeles County Roleplay || Lambda Menu-Based RP || LA/DOJ RP || Whitelisted Police/Sheriff/Highway EMS || Whitelisted Pilot || Ownable Properties || Friendly Community || Looking to Fill Positions



Welcome to LACRP! We are a menu-based roleplay server here to help you roleplay the way you want to.


LACRP Discord: https://discord.gg/ervvrVn

Why use a menu instead of ESX?

We take pride in allowing players to RP freely without the chore of grinding jobs for money. We manage owned properties through our discord server! Using the Lambda menu on our server allows anyone to make interesting and unique situations that couldn’t be created with a plain-old ESX economy. This way, everyone has the tools needed to make interesting RP.

What jobs do you offer?

Because ESX is not an official part of our server, there is no set list of jobs. This means that if it’s not whitelisted, the job is yours!

Be a trucker! Be a mechanic! Be an underwater basket weaver! Your imagination is the limit. We love seeing your creativity in action!

What if I want to be a First Responder?

For those interested in law enforcement and emergency services, we have open positions for LEOs and First Responders we are always looking to fill! These positions are whitelisted, but are currently understaffed.

Our Departments

Los Angeles Police Department

Los Angeles Sheriff Department

California Highway Patrol

Our Sub-Divisions

Air Unit


Motor Division

Gang Unit

Our Departments Under Development

California Highway Patrol

Los Angeles Medical Department



  • Custom LAPD vehicle liveries made by our own texture developers
  • F5 Police interaction menu (cuffing, dragging, etc.)
  • Both multiplayer and NPC skins available
  • Custom LAPD NPC skins

LAPD Vehicles

Sheriff Vehicles

CHP Vehicles

What if I want create my own business/administration?

Anyone can come in and talk to our staff about making your own business! We have an attentive staff team that will respond to your requests and suggestions pretty quickly, and it’s not uncommon to see a whole new business or family form on LACRP. Our staff is friendly and always looking to help, and we welcome new server suggestions with open arms.

What administrations do you have to offer?

All of our administrations/businesses/groups are player-run! This means that you can create one too, so long as it works well within our RP community.

Our existing civilian administrations/businesses/groups include:

Federal Aviation Administration- Administers pilot/helicopter licenses

Dynasty8 Real Estate- Sells property and manages ownership of properties

Jackals MC- Organized biker gang

Leopards MC- Rival biker gang of Jackals MC

Various Gangs and criminal groups tend to unite or disband, making dynamic and interesting server lore

Extra Features:

Some custom aircraft (non-civ)

(More to come!)

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me!
If you’re thinking of joining but aren’t sure, our discord is always open :slight_smile:

Some candid shots from my own RP experiences!

Our number one priority is player satisfaction. Thanks for your time, and we hope to see you on Los Angeles County Roleplay!

             -Lacy Presse and the LACRP Staff


Awesome server, Good owner he works hard and the staff team do their best to get everything right!