Looking to start up a new community


As the title says I am wishing to start up a brand-new community someone either based of California or Nevada I am not sure which yet. If anyone is interested in starting a new community with me feel free to contact me via discord: iMPERIALSTORMTROOPER#1842

What I can bring to the table:

  • Experience in Setting up managing and administrating a fivem server
  • Leadership experience (3 YRS Army JROTC (Rank c/MSGT), have run over 5 roleplay communities)
  • Police roleplay experience (Have been an officer on multiple servers)
  • Somewhat basic knowledge of html
  • Beginner mysql knowledge
  • A paid for VPS server


I mean that sounds nice and all but to be honest (nothing against you or your community). I would like to be able to run my own community.


Got yam sounds good comments deleted!


well if it isn’t the infamous FWolf @Wolfstrike and his companion lt parker lol @parkerg122


Do I know you? I feel like I know you?


I would say you left me and my friend after going quote on loa end quote and never came back leaving my friend and me stuck trying to figure out what to do.
but you probably don’t remember that at all do you.


Well yeah I remember it and I apologize now even though it’s probably too late for an apology but I do apologize for that.


I dont know @Wolfstrike, @keyedinsoftware


Perfect! you could join my server California 10 Codes and much more. all positions are vacant. i would wish to get you on my server maybe you could become a Deputy Director… :smiley:
[NEW] Eureka Law Is back! And Is Searching for Law Enforcement Officers!


you sure? because I remember you very well zack parker.


What are you talking about? That’s not me my guy. @keyedinsoftware it says in my user name Parker G. Lol wrong person


What is up DramaAlert nation, I’m your host, Killer Keemstar…


or you all could just join our community lsrpserver.enjin.com