Looking to join a good server with good potential. (Must have decent player base)

Hey, i am currently looking to join a server that has a good potential.

My Attributes

-Good English
-Communication Experience
-Mature (15 years old)
-Roleplaying for 1 1/2 years now.
-Amazing Rp Sense.

Past Experiences

SSRP - Civ Director
WSRP - Sheriff
ISRP - Head of Aerobatic Team / Air Force
BCRP - LEO Director.
DSRP - Civ

Server Requirments

-Whitelisted (Preferably)
-Works with GMT Timezone.
-Good Staff / Experienced.
-None ESX

I hope we can join up together some time. Please comment your servers bellow.


You should probably say how exactly your fellow co-owner would benefit from this, or how this new server would be unique, otherwise it just sounds like you want power.

are you still looking

Your discord name isnt coming up

bump updated thread

well you can join this server is really good u should give it a try. DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6xNjQnw

We are looking for STAFF, PD, EMS………………

Hello fellow Roleplayer!!!

I am from Alias Social and would be happy to have you on our whitelisted, lambda based community. Feel free to join our discord at alias.social/discord using your web browser or DM me personally at Jetmonkey17#0017.

Benefits for you:

  1. We have positions open that could be useful to us and you, yourself.
  2. We are whitelisted
  3. We only accept mature players into our community with a decently strict age limit. Most of us are 18+ however if you are mature and experienced we make exceptions.
  4. We have a Colonel who would be happy to work with you on running our LEO department and getting our officers up to speed. Otherwise, our civilian department would be a great place for you as well.