Looking to join a good community allowing lambda menu, simple trainer..etc



So I just left Simple Roleplay because they were changing so many things making it no more fun playing on, I mean they added the CAD/MDT thing but overall there is more cops than civs and a lot of them doesn’t know how to roleplay properly.
I am also looking to start a company called Merryweather Security Consulting, based on GTA 5 ONLINE services of MW (merryweather). I have already made a document on google about it saying what we do, our services, clothing, weapons, vehicles and etc…
So press HERE if you’d like to read about it and hopefully help me find a better community and maybe edit some stuff in it and etc. so yeah. thanks for reading! and have a wonderful weekend!

im not looking for a server with the mello trainer because i need the simple trainer for many reasons and on lambda menu i have saved all my characters and vehicles. and server needs to be active with at least 18/32 players.
Just flood the replies to this post with IPs, websites and etc to servers! It will be very helpful!


Come on in
TS: ts89.gameservers.com:91374


The TS is not a valid address or server nickname.


ts89.gameservers.com:9137 is the current address


Yeah my bad the 4 at the end needs to be removed.


Simple Roleplay Head Administration,

Sorry if the administration made you feel uncomfortable, but you left because you company didn’t get what you wanted and another did in my eyes that a shit reason to leave and then talk shit about the community, but that’s the way it goes next time you leave a community go talk to someone from the administration, instead of just leaving the teamspeak, wish you the best of luck and have fun with whatever you are gonna be doing


Starting a new community and we need heads of departments if your interested please message me or jump on our teamspeak!

TS Address :