Looking to be Vehicle Developer For Server



I’m looking for a server to be a vehicle developer in. I’ve been a vehicle developer for GTAV for about a year and a half, I can pretty much do anything in terms of vehicle development. If you are in need of a vehicle developer, please pm me and we’ll start from there. If you’re too late, don’t complain, just be faster than others. :stuck_out_tongue:



Make sure to post in the correct category, as this is not modding development more server development.

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oh ok, sorry. I’ll make sure I do that next time


Make sure you move it to the right correct category.

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im looking for a vehicle dev who can make fire department ladder truck rescue truck engine and brush truck


Oculus RP is a whitelisted rp community currently looking for a vehicle developer!
Are you still available?
Join our discord here https://discord.gg/k8zGYBW
or add me at Retnuh#0001

-Oculus RP Staff Team