Looking for Whitelisted Server (Rookie Roleplayer looking for a home)

Hey there!

With all these awesome servers I see here it makes it difficult to pick one. I decided to post what I’m looking for, what I offer and see where I can go from this, thank you to anyone you does post here!

I’m a Canadian with some downtime looking into jumping in and trying GTA V RP for sometime. I have zero experience with GTA V RP and was hoping into looking for something of a ‘stepping stone’ server where I can develop my role playing skills much better then it is right now. I’m also hoping to find staff who do have patience with someone who is pretty ‘blue’ with this community.

I do have a solid microphone setup, over the age of 18 and have a copy of GTA V of course. I currently run Teamspeak 3 but do not mind using discord.

If anyone can give advice or happy enough to list their server with information it would be much apperciated! thank you!

Hello @Extermination, My name is Chris I am the Director for a community that started back in November of 2018. We are currently reworking the community to get a better feel for RP, We have recently shutdown and re-opened and are looking for new members to come to our community, For more info please join our discord @ https://discord.gg/7se9krs

Hey Extermination,

We are a fairly small, new community and hoping to have you joining us!
We would love to learn you all the stuff about fivem in our community.
If you wish to know more about us here is a invite to our discord or to our fivem page.

Thanks for the reply! I will totally check this out, thanks for the details!

If you have not found a home I will personally get you setup on our server to work on being a community

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