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Welcome to TECF FiveM Recruitment page!

Here at The Elite Clan Family we value true Role-play and we have some of the BEST officers around. If you are new to FiveM and would like people who are HIGHLY trained in what they do then look no further than TECF! We have a very well structured Chain of Command and we each take our jobs serious. We also have a great relationship with another server and we are expanding to more pretty soon. We are open to taking anybody, as long as you have some experience and take things seriously. That being said here are the Departments that are currently hiring:

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • San Andreas Sheriffs Department
  • Dispatch
  • Civilian

We would love to have you apart of our team and to have you with us as we grow more and more. We are going under HEAVY server maintenance right now, but we are making sure that none of it in gets in the way of any RP. We have meetings almost every week to discuss new issues, server things, etc. and everyone will be notified of the meetings about a week before.

Our Teamspeak is worked on as of right now and you will constantly be updated on the progress of that as we are all excited to get back on TS. That has been one of our priorities besides the server lately and we are excited to finally have one back.

You can check out our website if you would like. All of our server information is on here and also department ranks to. You can access our website here: http://www.tecfgaming.com/

Our Discord is where everything happens until we get our TS up. All server info and anything dealing with the community in general will be posted here. Be sure to check Discord daily as we usually announce something everyday and we don’t want you missing anything. Our Discord invitation is here: https://discord.gg/y8zRgkG

Once again I thank you for your time on TECF’s Recruitment Page and I hope you were able to find what you were looking for! We hope to see a lot of you in the Discord and we look forward to interviewing a lot of you.

TECF Chief Operations Officer



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