Looking for trainer based communities allowing their members create businesses/gangs (original)


Hello folks, My name is Victor Ford, 17 years old (turning 18 next month). I’ve made similar posts like this but this one is going to be DIFFERENT!

What’s the topic?
Looking for trainer based communities allowing their members create businesses/gangs.
The community has to be based in the america, which state does not matter.

What am I looking forward to do?
I am looking forward to join a community with little failrp, trainer based (client-sided trainers allowed i mean), a community that thinks as much about the civilians as the police/emergency services. Having more civilian vehicles and not leaving it empty with 20 different police vehicles. I am also looking forward to enjoy creativity. Not sure what more to say.

What servers I am looking for:
Servers allowing their civilians run businesses, gangs, commercial airlines, military, mall security, port authority, touch-n-goes jobs like the S.W.A.T. or the Classified Operations. Creativity should be allowed, not too strict and not too soft. Custom buildings. Sandy Shores is an old and poor town, seeing luxurius vehicles or pimped out off-road cars rolling up and down the streets is a shame and shouldn’t happen, no 12 year olds, no public officers, rules that make a lot of sense, a cad/mdt and most importantly, State Wide Roleplay. I’m not ordering anything, life’s not perfect and it will never be, So it’s fine if the ones I look for above isn’t in the community, as long as the realism is number one priority then it’s all good.

This may look confusing but not everyone’s first language is english, and not everyone has a perfect teacher at school.
I’ve been in many communities, many of their owners are either corrupt or not caring, even the members knows better than the staff since they’re not trained properly and doesn’t know their true job on that community. Communities like All Pro RP is really fun, but ones that doesn’t have content is not on my list.

I’ve been told I’m a very hard person, difficult to get hurt or sorry. I’ve been told i’ve hurt peoples feelings and i apologize for that. Life’s not perfect and it will never be, it’s just the way i grew up as a child that made me be like this now. I will try my best to be a nicer person but I can not promise that.

I’m thankful for all the replies and have a wonderful evening!

p.s: i would rather join a public community to see if i fit in or not, if i do, i may consider applying to join their whitelisted server.

CEO and Owner of a successful Classified Operations business on multiple communities


Join my discord and we can talk about this.


Bump! Thread has been edited, much similar to the original one but with more text and more information!


Here is a little blurb about my community:
United States National Roleplay Community

Est. March 2018


About us:
USNRP is a community that is dedicated to professionalism and respect while being able to have fun with the whole community.

United States National Roleplay provides you with a family, that is always here for you. Unlike many roleplay communities, we interact with community members while not roleplaying, where we can all have fun. If any rules are violated including but not limited to respecting members and treating others properly then an admin should be notified and IA will take it from there.

Roleplay Experience:
The roleplay experience on this server is excellent and if something goes wrong (which on rare occasions it may) then it will be looked into by our staff and administrative team.

Server Development:
If you are worried about the server not being well created or developed, not to fear.
We have many great custom features made for us
Any member can input suggestions and feedback to let us know how we are doing and so we can improve to be better.

There is a diversity of departments to choose from in USNRP!

Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Fire Department
National Communications
Civilian Operations
(And many More to come!)
New Opportunities:
As you may see we have many departments to choose from. We’re looking for more players to fill up all of our spots. I highly encourage you to join as many opportunities are still open. We’ve also gone fully whitelisted to ensure that we keep the roleplay serious and remove the ability for FailRP and goofing about to be limited. Promotions are handed out by evaluation from Command Staff. To top it off we have lots of ranks to work for. So what do you say? Come on over, and have the best role-playing experience!

We can’t wait to see you!

If you have any further questions please feel free to DM me and I would love to work with you. :smile:


What’s so unique with your community that makes it so different from others?
if it’s nothing special then I don’t think I should join, + I don’t even know if you guys have a discord server so I can join, come say hello and what’s up see how the community members are like and etc…


You might be interested in our server: Emergency RP - Serious Whitelisted California Roleplay Server with EUP


We have custom assets made just for our community. We do have a discord but we usually dont give it out unless the person has gone through the interview process, however I can make an exception. I will DM you a link on here soon.



Still looking, everyday, every hour, every minute, every second!


You have already posted that once, don’t spam it. Not interested in your community. @Harrison_M


Sorry, Did not scroll up enough, my mistake.



Still looking!



Still looking -
-If anyone’s interested in an official towing service as well then let me know!


Still looking!



come and check out my server it’s brand new tought just a few weeks old but it’s a small community of max 10 player slots so if you’re intrested in playing in a small community and learning the rules by handsome admins and friendly officers then this is the right place for you!

why make us so special?
we’re a small community meaning we got more time for you if you got issues

Discord: https://discord.gg/S523cgJ (discord of a clan but used by InterRP server)

About InterRP

InterRP started first as a small clan it was only 1 owner runnign dunkrp script with a few friends for fun but after thinking a little time i started to add alot to the server and i realized why not make this a public server?
this server is not bad beacuse it runs dunkosrp or simply beacuse i cannot code but beacuse it’s easier to gather all reguered resources in one place and interRP is a very serious Role-play community and we strive to be a very serious and entertaining community. We have a small but dedicated staff team. We are dedicated to helping make your RP the best it can be!

Why InterRP?
There is tons of other servers out there properly alot better too this server only has 10 slots to make a small community with friendly peolpe we allredy have a few peolpe on but we don’t stop there we want more!
we are not like the other servers trying to make the best server in the world but rather a community were peolpe can enjoy playing and have a laught that you roleplayed wrong but that’s how you learn right? therefor we welcome you to InterRP!

How can i apply for any kind of service such as police/EMS/hacker/pilot/firefighter ?
You simply have to join the server hit keybutton “M” and select apply tab
we do not have a website but rather a website built into our tablet ingame witch is also used as a CAD for services

Taxi driver - To bring the newcomers into town you decide the price but if a player dosn’t pay you can either put down the price a little but if they just run away from the car don’t run them over simply open the tablet and put them on the insurance list and a police officer or a lawyer will get to you next time you logon and pay the bill ift his constantly happens it simply mean you’re a shitty driver!

Bank driver - If you got nothing else todo than driving cash but it’s good money

Police - money depends on how mutch you spend you’re time trying to catch speeders but good money too

EMS - stock payrate is 5000$ but the harder you work the higher it becomes

FireFighter - Same as EMS

Drug Dealer - Hard working money but not legally cops will catch you!

Hacker - Hack into other peoples account (npc only) and steal their money you earn alot and i really mean alot
but watch out everytime you try and hack the police will be alerted and you constatly have to be on the move

Mechanic - help those old ladies get their engine back running

Delivery Driver - just as fedex expect we don’t throw packed into the ground and leave

weapons smuggler - Legally but the weapons can be used to rob a bank witch is good money

fisherman - for those who is interested in food slow money but good earnings

weed delivery - deffently the best for newcommers

cargo pilot - you gotta apply for this payday is above a few hundred thousend

airline pilot - same as above

forger - This job is about to get removed and replaced by something alot better

trash collector - Fast earning money but earns little

UPS - Deffently something you should consider

and more jobs constatly beeing added (due to hard work on them they are not listed)
i accept any kind of comments even tought it’s rude or nice anything will help me improve

Custom Scripts
We offer custom scripts witch are both found on internet and created by me myself for you’re rp experience to be the best! we offer complete custom departments with custom cars with ELS installed
Peds do not drive custom vechicle due to few peolpe experience lagg on lower end but you can see few peds with them and you can also rent vechicles and or buy them

What are the reguerements to join?
Own a valid GTA version
have fiveM installed and simply just copy the ip and paste it into direct connect or find it in the server list

Server location: Germany but server language is english all peolpe from anywhere in the world is welcome
we welcome anyone on the server wether you are total noob or a profession player whatever you are if you are in need we will gladly be helping you out just enjoy the stay :slight_smile:



It doesn’t seem like your community has this, therfore I also think that you didn’t read my post completely.
Not Interested.


It does allow trainers to be on i just forgot to put in my post
and no i din’t read the whole post either



That’s not very nice of you.


to be honest it din’t look like you readed my whole post either otherwise i wouldn’t ahve gotten a reply 10 seconds after my post so no it wasnt nice but niether of you too


I’m an experienced book reader. First thing I look for is the content I search for, if that doesn’t exist then I can read through the post quickly and understand what everything else is going to be about.


and all things i look for is

“what servers i want to join” thats the section i readed of you’re post
if you decided to put something outside that even tought it’s related to that section