Looking for someone to create a cad system for my community




My Name is Aaron.

I was wondering if anyone would create a cad system for my server.

I have been playing fivem for over 2 years. I have recently decided to start my own community. It is almost complete but need a cad system that would help run the roleplaying side of the server go great. I have seen numerous of cads but have used the old DOJ cad system when i was in another community and have been looking into getting one like that.

Kind Regards,


Use open cad its the only one that is updated frequently and its open source.

Also i don’t wanna sound like everyone else but don’t try and make your server doj like or make things look like doj. make something special and new that people haven’t seen


I told you to edit your existing topic and let us know to reopen that one instead of constantly creating new topics.

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