Looking for someone to add mods to our server


I have tried for 2 weeks to figure out how to mod our server. I’ve followed tutorials, and did everything I was supposed to and nothing works. I’m not the best when it comes to commuters. But I’ve come to a point where I would rather have someone do it for me. I don’t expect anyone to do it for free so if you are interested or want more information PM me and we will negotiate.

Here is what we are wanting:
Trainer menu
ELS Emergency Vehicles
Custom decals on Emergency Vehicles (maybe)
Realistic Vehicle Failure
No wanted level?
And a few more things I can’t think of.
(Basically anything that’s good for a Police RP that isn’t the hardcore real life stuff ex: hunger, thrust, and jobs)


Moved to #server-development:server-bazaar as you are looking for a developer.


Download - [Release][v0.5.5] Mello Trainer [Server Sided][Custom Permissions]

Download - [beta] els+ | 900+ patterns
Vehicles - lcpdfr.com

idk, make them in mspaint or whatever

Download - [Release] Realistic Vehicle Failure

Download - [Release] FRFuel [v1.1.0]

Download (also includes other features) - [Release] vBasic v3.0.1 | Basic server settings/configuration

Download - [Release] EasyAdmin, It's as easy as it gets!

So follow the install instructions for all of these - and next time just use the helpful search function in your top right : )


I have them downloaded already I just can’t seem to get them to work when I install them. Lol


If you cant install basic scripts i dont think hosting a server is for you.


it is honestly as easy as a drag and drop and adding the folder name to the server.cfg

And i completely agree, if you cant copy and paste, it might not be for you.

Hope it helps


thats the thing… Im doing that exactly how im supposed to (putting files in resources and adding Start (filename) to sever.cfg… It still doesnt work. I cant figure out why.


errors… ? can you connect to your server with nothing in it? are you self hosting or using ZAP or using an unauthorised GSP or a VPS or a dedicated server? do the resource succeed in starting up (and not failing) in your console?

I might make a small folder with a bunch of basic resources for you later and if that doesnt work then maybe this just isnt for you :confused:


I noticed you put start with a capital S. Don’t do that. It needs to be lower case.


I figured out the problem I was having





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